Hello & Welcome

Q? Which technologies does Thinking Tools, LLC specialize in?

A. We specialize in a number of technologies such as Microsoft Servers, Exchange Servers, VMware, TrendMicro, and SonicWall, to name a few. These are the technologies most small businesses and organizations depend on for their daily needs.

We do not try to push specific technologies or software. If you have an existing setup in place, we will work with what you have, and make recommendations on where improvements can be made. If you are looking for recommendations, we will discuss the pros and cons of several options and leave it to you to make the final decision.

Mac, Unix, and Linux are not our specialties, but we can work to integrate them with your network and have great business partners who can provide support to these systems as needed.

Q? If I sign up for the Hassle-Free IT Agreement, what is my commitment?

A: We request that clients sign up for a 12-month commitment to allow us to allocate the appropriate resources to your account. However, for first-time contracts, we will allow an initial 3-month commitment to allow you to test the waters and see if this program works for you. You may also cancel this agreement at any time.

Q? Are hardware and software installation costs covered under the Hassle-Free IT Agreement?

A: Yes. Should your computer have a malfunction, such as hard drive crash, video failure, or is not working for any reason, We will fix and replace the defective parts and get it back to its working state for no additional setup or installation fee! However, the costs to purchase the new hardware to replace the defective parts are NOT included. With respect to software, as long as you have licenses related to the application need for that computer, we will re-install and configure them at no additional cost!

Q? Will you guarantee that I won’t have any technical problems or downtime?

A: No, we cannot guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime; no one can. However, we will guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of problems you experience and a dramatic improvement in the speed, performance, and reliability of your system. Plus, if you are a Hassle Free Managed Services Client, we will resolve any computer network problems without billing you additional fees.

Q? Do you offer Leasing or Financing?

A: Yes, We have teamed up with financing providers with credit programs features that are customized, flexible and are easy-to-apply for businesses wanting to upgrade their computer networks. These programs help create predictable payment schedules and allow businesses for more flexibility and more frequent upgrades on their equipment.

Q? Do you offer Offsite Backup?

A: Yes, We now offer both onsite and offsite backup solution to complement your existing backup. In the event of a major disaster such as fire, earthquake or flood, we have you covered. This service is offered on a per need basis and can be included in to your monthly plan.

Q? Do you have professional certifications?

A. Yes! Certifications are an integral part of our business. Our Engineers go through rigorous classroom trainings, webinars, hands-on labs, and exams to become certified. Other than that, Vendors such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, & HP, to name a few, requires at least one engineer on staff to be certified in their products to become an authorize or registered partner.

Q? How do you charge for your services?

A. Our existing customers have chosen to work with us on a fixed-price Managed IT Service agreements. These agreements provide you with all the PC and network support you need for a flat monthly fee that can be easily budgeted. This approach allows us to be more proactive and manage your technology to avoid problems.

We also have our On-Demand IT Services alternative, this a limited agreement that still includes our advanced monitoring tools but without the full benefits of a fully managed IT network. Often times, services are charged on a per project or on an hourly basis.

Q? How long have you been in business?

A. Thinking Tools, LLC was founded in 2004. Since its inception, we have been making life easier for a lot of small business owners by eliminating technical problems. The hidden cost of lost time and productivity due to these problems has been the single largest expense in business technology. We have also kept ourselves updated with the newer technology and have help use them to ease the burdens of our client’s technology problems.

Q? Do you Guarantee Satisfaction?

A. Absolutely! If you are not happy with any aspect of our performance, we will make it right. We do ask, however, that you communicate with us openly and honestly so that we can work most effectively with you. In fact, we are the ONLY local IT support company that offers a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee. Hire us to fully mange your network. If after the ninety days you are not pleased with our engineers or the work we have performed, you can cancel your Managed IT Service agreement and we will refund you the full payment. No risk, no hassle, no obligation.

Q? Do you have references?

A. Of course, any company can claim anything they want, but we believe you deserve better. That’s why we are proud to share with you our real-world testimonials from our clients. In fact, several of our clients have also agreed to serve as references, to speak with you personally about their experiences with us.