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Beware! Crytolocker Virus!

With past viruses, often called ransomware, a trip to your local computer store and $100 got you back online with your files intact. But the latest version called a Cryptolocker can permanently destroy every file, picture and email on your PC. “This is the nastiest virus I have ever seen.” The Cryptolocker not only hijacks … Continue reading

Microsoft Office for your iPad, Android & Windows Phone.

It looks like Apple’s free iWork suite for iOS just wasn’t enough for many iPad users. Two weeks after landing in Apple’s App Store, Microsoft’s Office for iPad has already seen more than twelve million downloads. The Office apps also made the top three of Apple’s list of most popular iPad apps soon after their … Continue reading

Microsoft unveils larger Surface tablet, bills it as laptop replacement

NEW YORK – Microsoft announced a larger version of its Surface tablet to make the device more compelling as a laptop replacement. The Surface Pro 3 will have a screen measuring 12 inches diagonally, up from 10.6 inches in previous models. Microsoft said it’s also thinner and faster than before. The company said it worked … Continue reading